Swim Up to Movie Night

Swim Up to Movie Night

Don’t worry about movie times, tickets, or finding the best seat. Your pool is already set to premiere a movie night you love!

For pool parties and lazy summer nights, an impromptu movie night is a great way to get the crowd together for something truly special. Take a look at today’s blog to see how to plain one in your own backyard pool.

Start with a screen

The foundation of any good movie night is, of course, a screen to see it all on! If you already have a TV outside, you’re covered. However, if you don’t have one, or if you simply want to see the film on a larger-than-life screen, use the power of a good projector! Today, projectors come in easy handheld sizes that can connect to your phone or computer so you can play the movie you want. Use a floating projector screen (yes, they exist!), a white sheet suspended on a clothesline, or even a blank white wall of your home’s exterior to see the film in all its glory.

Provide ample floating seats

The next step is to secure the perfecting seats—which we promise will be comfier than anything you’d find in a theater! You might already have enough floats, noodles, and rafts on hand to serve your crowd. If not, why not opt for movie-themed floats? You can easily find floats and rafts shaped like buckets of popcorn, pretzels, and other thematic treats. Another great option is to find floats with a back (and maybe even a cup holder or two) to make enjoying the movie that much easier.

Serve food with a flourish

Finally, don’t forget about refreshments! From popcorn to soda to bowls of movie theater candy, these treats are essential parts of the filmgoing experience in or out of the theater. You can eliminate the need for guests to head in and out of the pool by bringing the snacks to the water, with the help of floating serving trays and cup holders (which come in the shape of donuts, mini flamingos, rubber duckies and lots more). This way, guests are never more than a quick swim or float away from the treats they love.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to turn your pool into a bona fide theater on the water. We hope that this idea helps bring you fun and lots of memories all summer long!

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