Poolside Fun for the Whole Family

Poolside Fun for the Whole Family

From swimming, wading, and just lounging in the sun, everyone gets fun and enjoyment from a well-maintained pool. Swimming is great for exercise, as well as weight control. Wading cools us off in the summer, and creates a casual setting for interesting conversation and catching up with friends. And then there are the fun games.

While swimming safety is always a priority, there are many activities that can enhance the pool experience for kids, teens, and adults. Here’s how to make the most out of your pool by creating and joining in the fun for the whole family:

Young Children

Kids love the pool because it’s fun and relaxing. Introducing pool time to kids at a young age also makes them more comfortable around the environment, which leads to safe behaviors as they get older.

A favorite game for kids is the beach ball race. Using a beach ball (or another large ball), see who can push the object the farthest in the shortest amount of time. Throwing is cheating! This activity also gets kids used to being in the deeper end of the pool.

Put a spin on the classic game of Marco Polo by having kids yell “Dolphin!” (or another animal). The others then make animal noises so they can be found. The hilarity that ensues is infectious.

Pair fun with frugality by throwing coins into the pool, and having kids dive for them. This helps children learn proper underwater breathing techniques. The motivation of being able to keep the coins will provide hours of enjoyment and healthy activity.


Show teens that spending quality time with family is “cool” by creating unique and exciting games they’ll want to tell their friends about.

Start a rousing game of sponge tag by filling a bucket of water and dropping sponges inside. One player designated as ‘it’ tries to tag others by hitting them with a wet sponge. That player then becomes the next ‘it.’

Who can last the longest in the melting ice cubes game? Each player tries to keep an ice cube in their hands for as long as possible. If they can’t take the cold, they pass the ice cube onto the next person. Whoever can last the longest wins!

Test their ability to see underwater with the invisible bottle game. Fill a clear plastic water bottle and throw it in the pool. Teens will have to work hard to spot it! Whoever sees and retrieves the bottle first wins a prize.  


Pairs force couples to work together toward a common goal. In this game, adults swim to the other side of the pool. The catch is that one person does the arm movements, while the other does the leg movements. It’s harder than it sounds!

Who doesn’t love being a kid again? See who can make the biggest cannonball. The resulting amusement will have you in stitches.

Your favorite beach and land activities can be replicated in the pool, as well. Play volleyball, basketball, ping pong, football, and other games to enhance the pool experience.

The Whole Family

Play chicken by placing children on the shoulders of two adults (one per adult). The kids will then try to knock each other off balance, creating instant laughter and fun.

Water balloons are an inexpensive way to have fun in the pool. There are many water balloon games to choose from, or you can make up your own. Just be sure to clean up the broken balloons afterward, to avoid clogging your pool’s filtration system.

Don’t forget the classic pool party that makes fun for the whole family. Create the perfect ambiance for making lasting memories by updating your pool area. Contact us today to get started.

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