Hook Youth on Swimming Safety by Making Pool Time Fun

Hook Youth on Swimming Safety by Making Pool Time Fun

When the weather’s nice and friends and family are around, youth love to have fun in the pool. While they’re focused on enjoying themselves and making memories, you may have concerns about their safety.

Research has shown that children who are comfortable in and around water are more likely to practice safety. Youth who are unfamiliar or uncertain around water often find themselves in compromising situations.

Here’s how you can keep the focus on safety by making pool time fun:

Set Clear Guidelines Early On 

Children like to be involved in the decision-making process, and to have a “job” for which they’re responsible. Ensure kids know where to locate and how to use safety devices such as pool hooks and life preservers. You may even wish to do a “dry run,” so children can practice how to use the devices in the event of an emergency.

You can also involve kids and youth in the creation of pool rules. This should include basics such as no running, always swim with a buddy, as well as site-specific rules.

Professional swimming lessons are a great way to teach children how to swim and be comfortable in and around the water. Many parents require youth to have at least some proficiency in swimming before allowing them access to the pool.

In addition, there are several books on pool safety (with colorful pictures and kid-friendly language) that can be included in bedtime reading.

Incorporate Safety into Pool Time

Many creative and innovative swim aid products provide dual-purpose use (safety and fun). These include:

  • animal-shaped inflatables
  • arm and leg floaties
  • umbrella ring seats for infants and toddlers
  • foam plates and life vests
  • pool noodles
  • inflatable tubes and rafts
  • swimming assistance aids (kickboards, leg pulls, fins)
  • and more

While not a replacement for proper supervision, these materials can add fun and excitement while keeping the emphasis on safety.

Enlist Friends and Family Member Support

When everyone’s on the same team, pool safety becomes simply a part of daily life. Make sure adult friends and family members are aware of their responsibility in ensuring youth are always supervised.

Despite the desire to be “cool,” adults should never leave children unattended. Designate at least one “water watcher,” so you can be sure there are always eyes on kids in and around the pool.

Ideally, all adults supervising youth will have at least a basic proficiency in first aid, including CPR. Classes are available at several health organizations free of charge or at a reduced cost.

It’s also important that everyone present understands that when a child is injured or incapacitated, the pool and surrounding area must go into “lockdown” mode. This not only protects the injured child, but also prevents others from becoming unnecessarily stressed or affected by the incident.

Keep Your Pool Safe and Well-Maintained

Uneven pavers, cracked concrete, protruding equipment, and more can be a recipe for disaster. Since kids and youth are often intently focused solely on the task at hand (in this case, having fun in and around the pool), ensuring your pool and surrounding area is properly maintained is essential.

For years, we’ve been building and servicing pools across Central Florida. Our qualified and knowledgeable staff can help keep your pool safe and accessible year-round. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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