Palm Coast Pools: Swimming While Pregnant

There are often a lot of questions and answers – some not correct – to swimming while pregnant. We’re here to set the record straight with facts, tips, and the benefits of using your pool while expecting.

Did you know that exercising in the pool is safer for expecting mothers than any other form? The reason: the water eliminates the risk of falling. While it’s encouraged to swim and spend time in the pool, you should never dive of jump in feet first while pregnant. This can lead to birth defects and preterm labor. The fix: simply walk into the pool or walk down the steps.

Often times it is said that chlorine is harmful to your unborn baby. This is only true if you are not keeping track of your chlorine levels! A well monitored pool is perfectly safe for pregnant women and their babies. Note that a crowded pool might not be the best area for you to swim or stand in the pool as your chances of getting kicked in the abdomen. Sticking with your personal Extreme Pool is your best bet!

One of the best parts about using your palm coast pool while pregnant is that you don’t even have to actually swim to get the benefits! Simply walking in your pool’s shallow end can have multiple benefits for your pregnancy. So how can your pool help relieve your pregnancy symptoms?

  • It can help elleviate the back pain caused from the pregnancy. Simply standing in the water can reduce your blood presure.
  • It is a posture aid. Due to buoyancy, it is easier to stand upright and maintain the position.
  • It reduces the dreadful swelling of legs and feet that happens during pregnancy. Swimming relieves the fluid buildup that causes the swelling because you can move around easier and are able to float. It can also help reduce joint pain.
  • It can help relieve sciatica. The buoyancy takes the pressure off of the nerve. This helps the pain that comes from the compression of your sciatic nerve.


Some final tips to swimming while pregnant include:

  • Stay hydrated. You are still sweating even though you are underwater. Drink water before, during, and after your session in the water.
  • Switch up your routine as you move forward in your pregnancy. Just like any other exercise while pregnant, your routine will have to be changed for each trimester.
  • Don’t take a dip in the hot tub. You can end up with hyperthermia which has been linked to pregnancy complications.
  • Wear non-slip shoes. Areas around the pool can be slippery and you do not want to fall!
  • Wear sunscreen. Anytime you are outside you should wear sunscreen to protect yourself.


Palm Coast Pools: Swimming While Pregnant

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