Optimizing Your Central Florida Pool

With summer right around the corner, you may be feeling the need to spruce up your pool and backyard landscape—and we agree! But that doesn’t always mean you have to take on a costly renovation project. Sometimes the most impactful changes you can make are the simplest ones—like the ones we’ll be talking about below.

Rethink your pool storage. If you’re anything like many pool owners, your storage situation might look something like this: towels in the upstairs hall closet, sunscreen under the bathroom sink, toys in the garage… and while everything has a place, it can sometimes be a chore just to get everything together and ready for the afternoon. To simplify your storage solution, pick one spot close to the pool and use it as a designated space to place all of your pool items in. An outdoor toy box can hold the things that are too wet or messy for indoor storage—noodles, pool toys, unused floats, and the like. For other items, a basket or bucket filled with sunscreen, goggles, and extra flip flops can be conveniently placed by the back door to make “running in” for something easier than ever.

Switch up pool landscaping. If you’ve been looking for a new style for your backyard pool, look to the landscaping before making any major structural changes. Something as simple as adding a “statement” tree for shade or adding more color to the border of your pool can be enough!

Make changes for comfort. Before making any big renovation plans, think about what it really is you don’t love about your pool. If you have a faulty heater or have problems with chlorine, make changes targeted to these issues.

Add new furniture. If you’d like to start entertaining more in and around your Florida pool, having the right furniture is an essential step. Save money by purchasing a multi-piece set complete with a sofa and chairs or outdoor dining room space.

Remember to pick up furniture that suits your needs—if lounging around the pool with family and friends is your style, a sofa and chair set may be all you need. If dinner parties and brunches sound more inviting, then a table and chairs made for eating might be the best option.

Toss in some floats. We’ve talked about floats before, but the impact they can have on your pool (especially when you have younger kids in the house) cannot be understated! Adding floats—whether they be geared for relaxation or kid-friendly fun—is a great first step to take in changing the feel and functionality of your pool.

Change your lighting. If a nighttime swim or dinner party sounds appealing, you’ll want to think about functional and creative lighting that can help you entertain and have fun. In the pool itself, LED laminar jets might be one option to consider… you can also add floating pool-friendly lanterns and other light-up devices as well. Updating the types of lights you use on the patio can also change the atmosphere of your pool landscape in a big way.

What are your pool optimization tips? Let us know as we prepare for the start of a fun-filled summer!

Optimizing Your Central Florida Pool

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