Orlando Pools: Making the Most of a Small Space

A pool is one of the greatest additions you can make in your backyard space. Few features will provide for as many hours of fun and enjoyment as your brand new swimming pool will—and fortunately, even if you don’t have much space to spare, there’s a good chance your outdoor space can fit the perfect pool for you and your family! In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few key ways to make the most of a small outdoor pool space, without ever having to sacrifice enjoyment.

Get creative with the shape of your pool

When it comes to designing a smaller sized pool, it’s often best to get creative with your pool’s shape. A traditional rectangular pool may not work in your smaller backyard, and that’s okay—you can find something that does. A semicircle pool, for example, offers a unique look and takes up less space than a full circle or rectangle would. There are also pools that take advantage of your backyard’s unique size or shape constraints in order to be both enjoyable and visually pleasing—long, narrow pools, for example, are great for swimming and can fit in tight spaces.

Add resistance jets

If you can’t spare the space, you can still enjoy the experience of swimming in a full-sized pool by adding resistance jets. These jets propel water beneath the surface and help to turn the pool into a sort of swimmer’s treadmill—you can keep swimming against the current in order to achieve a thorough workout routine.

Use moving water elements to create a small but impactful oasis

Elements of moving water are great additions to virtually any pool, but they can work especially well in smaller spaces where you want to make an impact. You might turn your small pool into a tropical oasis, for example, by bordering it with rocks and a waterfall. Laminar jets or rain walls are other impactful ways to draw visual interest toward your pool—so even if you don’t have lots of space to work with, you can still enjoy a luxurious feeling while relaxing by your backyard pool.

Consider an infinity edge

If you have a beautiful natural view you’d like to emphasize—and want to feel a little less cramped in your pool—an infinity edge is the way to do it. Because an infinity edge pool seems to have no border, it can make the pool appear less constrained in a small space.

We hope that these ideas help inspire you to design the pool you’ve been waiting for—no matter the size of your backyard space! Please let us know how we can help you accomplish your dream pool today.

Orlando Pools: Making the Most of a Small Space

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