Keeping Critters Safe and Out of Your Pool

When it comes to your backyard swimming pool, you want a place that’s relaxing and enjoyable to spend time in or around—and you probably only want invited family and friends to join you there! So when small critters and backyard pests start to take a dip in your pool, it’s only natural that you want to find ways to keep them out. In today’s blog, we’re sharing a few ways to help you accomplish this task.

Install a fence or screen

Some type of defensive barrier is, of course, a great way to keep unwelcome critters from entering your pool or pool area. While birds and smaller creatures will still be able to make their way past a fence, this type of protection will still ward off other invaders. A screen is an even stronger approach, as it prevents virtually all critters from entering into the pool area.

Add a ramp that provides an easy exit for small critters

No one wants frogs and other small creature to start calling their pool “home.” However, if you notice that small animals are entering into your pool and drowning (due to lack of an easy exit for them), you can help to make your pool a little safer by adding an exit ramp. This type of ramp can let small animals safely exit your pool, so you no longer have to find surprises in the water when you want to swim.

Keep in mind, however, that these ramps aren’t always the same type you would use for a dog exiting and entering the pool. If you’re looking for a ramp for Fido, be sure to invest in one that’s sturdy and made for pets.

Avoid planting grass near your pool

Because ducks and other animals like to feed on grass, you may decide (if possible) to avoid growing grass close to your pool. This may help to keep the birds from entering or falling into your pool’s water as they scope the area for a snack.

Keep the pool area clear of waste

In general, it’s a good idea to keep waste (even if it’s covered) away from the pool area. Many animals are attracted to the smell of everyday trash, and they will venture closer to your pool if you have a garbage can nearby. Keep your garbage as far away as possible to eliminate this possibility—and, of course, to create a more pleasant, relaxing environment for you!

Don’t feed birds

As you may already know from experience, feeding birds may be a nice thing to do—but it causes repeat customers! To keep hungry birds away from your pool setting, avoid inviting them with your bread scraps and other goodies.

Maintain your landscaping regularly

Finally, be sure to maintain your landscaping regularly and keep an eye out for nests or other animal homes that might develop. By keeping your home’s bushes and overhanging trees neat and freshly trimmed at all times, you can avoid the likelihood of birds or other critters trying to set up camp around your pool or backyard.

By putting these measures into place, you will be keeping unwelcome critters out of your pool while still ensuring that they are safe and comfortable outdoors.

Keeping Critters Safe and Out of Your Pool

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