Orlando Pool Cleaning: Our 5 Tips

Even if your backyard swimming pool is seeing less use during these winter months, you still want the surface to be neat and pristine! When you’re not using your pool as much, regular maintenance and cleanup may sometimes fall to the wayside. In today’s blog, we will be looking at five ways you can keep your pool as clean as possible, no matter how much (or how little) it’s being used.

Work with a professional

If you’re not already working with a designated pool cleaning service—but are growing frustrated with an increasingly dirty pool—now may be the time to sign up. Pool owners who hire professional cleaning help with their pools can always be sure they have a clear, sparkling pool surface no matter the weather.

Increase cleaning frequency

If you do already use cleaning services, but still experience tree litter and a dirty pool surface in between cleanings, you may want to consider upping the frequency of your cleaning sessions—from twice a month to four times a month, for example. You may be surprised at just how positively a constantly clean pool can impact your home’s overall look and feel!

Trim overhanging trees and other landscaping

Here in Florida, trees are always dropping their leaves, seeds and other litter—no matter the season. You can avoid having this litter pile up on your pool’s surface by trimming overhanging trees and other plants that sit close to the pool. This small change can make your backyard seem neater and more put together, and can keep your pool a little clearer when not in use.

Keep a pool skimmer handy

While every pool owner should have a skimmer to clean off the water’s surface, many may neglect to keep the skimmer close to the pool where it can be used. Instead of keeping the skimmer in your garage, shed or other area, hang it up next to your pool so that quick cleans are more easy and convenient—and, as a result, more likely to be completed!

Install a pool cover or enclosure

A pool cover or screen enclosure can provide your pool with the protection it needs from leaves, seeds, twigs, grass, bugs and other small pieces of debris. These measures can have added benefits, too, like retaining heat in your pool or keeping it out of direct sunlight.

You may not be using your pool as frequently during the winter, but it still deserves the same care and cleanliness it gets in warmer months! A clean pool isn’t just fun to jump into—it makes your home’s exterior look neater and more orderly. If you need help finding solutions for covering your pool, or would like to learn about our pool cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (877) 574-6030. We can help get your pool looking like new again.

Orlando Pool Cleaning: Our 5 Tips

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