Central Florida Pools: Optimizing for Entertainment

Your swimming pool is a big investment—so you naturally want it to suit your needs in the best way possible! If that means optimizing your swimming and patio space for entertainment—whether you’re a dinner party connoisseur or simply love hosting impromptu get togethers on the lanai—we’ve got five helpful ideas you can try.

Add in-pool seating

Think about how you use your pool. If you find that your guests swim up to the edge for drinks, snacks or chat more than they’re actually swimming, you may want to consider adding in-pool seating. A simple underwater bench, for example, can foster more fun and social interaction among your guests—which is perfect for the pool owner who loves to entertain.

Design a swim-up bar

If you have the space for it, a swim-up bar is another addition to make if you love entertaining in and around the pool. This type of addition can bring a resort style feel to your pool while serving a very functional purpose—giving guests a place to eat and drink from the comfort of your swimming pool!

Don’t have the room for a swim-up bar? Don’t worry! You can accomplish a similar effect with furniture pieces (a table and chairs) that are made to be submerged and used in the water. You can also convert your patio into an outdoor kitchen, where your guests can come and go as they please whenever they need to refuel.

Invest in floatable fun

Sometimes, the most fun and effective entertainment solutions are the simplest. You can pick up floatable fun in the way of buoyant coolers or drink caddies that can hold refreshing drinks and even small treats like fruit salad. This type of addition brings the party away from the patio and into your pool—which is exactly what many pool owners want! Nowadays, there are even floating card table setups, ping pong tables and golf greens—which can all bring your fun and enjoyment on the water to the next level.

Upgrade your light design

Just as you use lights to set the ambiance for your indoor dinner parties, you can follow the same idea outdoors and invest in festive lighting for both your patio and pool itself. Hang festive string lights from outdoor structures and switch out your pool’s current light for fun colors and designs. These types of lights are perfect for whatever party or family get together you have coming up.

Play movies or the big game outdoors

For many outdoor entertainers, adding a TV to your porch or patio space can make all the difference. Mount a TV on an outdoor wall so that you, your family and friends can enjoy movies or sporting events from the pool!

Don’t worry about keeping your TV safe from the elements. A sturdy mount and outdoor cover for your set should keep it safe and dry when not in use.

We hope these ideas help you create the entertaining pool and patio combo you’re looking for!


Central Florida Pools: Optimizing for Entertainment

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