Making Waves in Your Central Florida Pool

Making Waves in Your Central Florida Pool

Who says your backyard pool can’t have the same rolling swells you enjoy at the theme park wave pool, or the big blue ocean?

There are plenty of ways to amp up the action and get your water moving—and in today’s blog, we’ll show you a few of our favorites! Take a look.

Create a “human hurricane”

One of the easiest ways to elicit lots of fun and laughter in the pool? Take turns creating a “human hurricane!”. Each participant can spend a minute or two rocking the water, either by twisting around quickly or by moving around a kickboard; then, the whole pool will be filled with fun, rolling waves other swimmers can ride out or jump right into. It’s just an easy way to turn an everyday afternoon in the pool a little more interesting.

Have a cannonball contest

Another quick way to get the water moving? Have a cannonball contest! Swimmers can take turns jumping into the deep end of the pool, creating impressive waves that keep the water moving around long after the jump. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?

Add a swim current…

For a more permanent way to keep your water moving, consider adding a swim current—a device that will keep water moving below the surface, letting you practice your laps or simply relax as the water pushes you across the pool.

… or enchanting waterfalls

A beautiful waterfall (or two, or three) creates a frothy, gently moving surface that makes your pool that much more inviting and fun to swim around in.

Slide into splashing fun

Have you ever considered adding a slide to your swimming pool? Not only will it provide hours of fun for young swimmers—the constant stream of water that cascades down the slide will help add welcome movement to the surface, too.

With these effortlessly fun ideas, pool time is anything but tame! Enjoy them with family and friends all year long.

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