Get Immersed in Nature in Your Orlando Pool

Get Immersed in Nature in Your Orlando Pool

Sometimes, immersing yourself in nature is the best way to reflect, recharge, and feel inspired. Fortunately, you don’t need to travel far to do just that—just step outside!

If you crave that back-to-nature experience, but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a modern, luxury pool, you’re in luck. Extreme Pools can help you design a pool that offers the best of both worlds. Just see a few of our design tips and ideas in the blog below.

Rethink the traditional deck

When you’re creating a natural escape, don’t feel limited to the traditional deck materials. For an ultra-immersive experience, surrounding most of your pool with grass, pebbles, or other natural materials can make you feel right at home in the great outdoors.

You can leave pavers or other non-slip options right at the pool’s edge, to prevent a non-slip barrier that will also keep out dirt, debris, etc.

Add in-pool planters

Imagine swimming in a secluded lake or pond. There’s sure to be lots of plants around (and even in) the water, so try imitating that abundance of flora in your pool! Do so in a neat, controlled way by adding in-pool planters with flowers and plants that drape close to the water’s surface.

Consider color

Color is always a big consideration when determining the overall feel of your pool. While modern pools or even retro-inspired designs might make use of a bright blue hue, your nature-inspired space might benefit from more natural teals or darker blues.

Opt for a natural shape and entry

If you want your pool to mimic the look of your favorite lake or pond, opt for natural, rounded shapes as opposed to clean-cut rectangular options. You can follow the same line of thinking with your pool’s entry—instead of steps or obvious hardware, a gently-sloped wet shelf might provide a more natural effect.

Create a natural backdrop

The natural allure extends outside of your pool, too. While plants might take some time to grow, you can get started by adding bushes, broad-leafed trees, and other options that surround your pool space and block out views of the street or your neighbor’s backyard. The result? A backyard oasis that looks like it came straight from your favorite travel magazine.

No matter your muse, Extreme Pools can help design a pool that never fails to impress (and inspire!). Call our team today to learn more.

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