A Daytona Pool Screen Enclosure for the New Year

We at Extreme Pools hope you and your family had a great holiday season! As we’re finally in 2015, you might be in the mood to change a few things up at home and outside.

Around this time, we want to better ourselves and our homes—to increase safety, improve organization and make our surroundings look better. If you already have a pool (or are in the middle of getting one built), we can help you with a custom pool screen enclosure that will accomplish all of those objectives.

An enclosure is a smart add-on to any backyard swimming pool, and our high-quality enclosures are both aesthetically appealing and functional. They’re a not-so-intrusive way to mark off your pool from neighbors’ backyards or the street, and they keep out annoying pests and debris from cluttering the water.

As an added benefit, a screen pool enclosure can help to keep your pool warm during these cooler months! By lessening the degree of evaporation that takes place, you can retain much-needed heat in the water.

We can help construct your new pool enclosure now to make an impact in the coming warmer seasons and all year round. Contact us today for your free consultation!

A Daytona Pool Screen Enclosure for the New Year

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