A Pool Theme for Every Owner

Just like we decorate our homes to match certain themes—from coastal to Mediterranean to cottage escape—we can decorate our pools, too! As the field of pool design progresses, we are seeing more and more “themed” pools that are just as stylish and well thought out as the homes they accompany. In today’s blog, we will be looking at seven unique themes you can try from home.


For those who love the rich colors and textures of Mediterranean design, a Mediterranean theme pool is a natural fit. The pool itself might feature an elaborate water feature or colorful mosaic design. The patio and surrounding space will likely feature furniture and planters made with wrought iron, and thick furniture cushions in colors like vibrant oranges, turquoises and golds.


When designing a pool with a coastal theme, a beach entry (one that slopes into the water like a true shoreline would) is a must—however, it’s not the only way to incorporate a beachy feel into your space. Furniture in light or white wood and a soft blue/beige color scheme are key, too. You can even add coastal accents to the surrounding space, like a “gone fishing sign,” for instance.

Rocky and rustic

If you love a rocky, rustic feel in your interior design, you’ll love it in your pool, too. Structure your pool with oversized rocks that mimic the look and feel of your favorite mountain getaway, and add a slide or waterfall for extra fun.


The modern look is all about minimalism, sharp lines and a focus on geometrics. You can create a modern, contemporary pool at every step of the process, from pool shape—a perfect circle is a great example—to the planters you use to the furniture you choose for dining and entertaining.


Sometimes, you just want a simple, traditional pool to relax in at the end of the day. If your style is more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a rectangular or slightly rounded pool, stepping stones and comfy outdoor furniture. The traditional look is all about no-fuss simplicity, so don’t focus too much on achieving a certain type of look—let your inner design sense flow into your home’s pool and exterior!

Natural and earthy

If your home is filled with rich greens, beiges and browns—and you love a great wood detail—the earthy, natural look might be right for you. The earthy pool will incorporate nature into its design, so surround your pool with plenty of greenery and flowers. As for patio or deck furniture, warm wood pieces with cushions in earthy colors should work well.


To create a southwestern escape in your pool area, focus on the exterior details—dot your pool area with adobe accents, rocks and perhaps even a cactus or two to create this simple look.

Which of these themes is your favorite? Do you have one already in place, or plan to include one in your next redesign? Let us know! We can help you accomplish the look starting from the very foundations of your new pool.

A Pool Theme for Every Owner

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