Poolside Tech: 5 Ideas for Pool Photography

Poolside Tech: 5 Ideas for Pool Photography

With wearable, waterproof tech and a bit of creativity, the options for one-of-a-kind pool photography are truly endless.

In today’s blog, we’re exploring five fun ways to put your high-tech gear to good use, in and out of the pool. Take a look!

Take unique split landscape shots

From swimming to sunbathing, splashing around to lounging on deck. Where else but your pool do you get such a split experience between the comforts of land and water?

Use the dual nature of pool-time fun to your advantage and snap some great split landscape shots! Use your camera or smartphone—whatever it is, just make sure it’s waterproof—and position the lens so that half of it is submerged and half of it sits just above the surface. It may take a few tries to perfect, but you should be left with a unique double take on the world above and below the water line, one that the naked eye alone can’t quite see.

Capture the jump from a new perspective

If you’ve ever spent any time near a pool, you’ve probably tried to perfect your share of those iconic cannonball shots, with a friend or family member on deck telling you when to jump to arrive at the ideal aerial spot for an action photo.

It’s a lot of work with a great payoff—you have a fun picture to commemorate the day! But what if you could capture the same high-octane jumps from a first-person perspective? Thanks to the advent of wearable, waterproof cameras, you can do just that. Attach a camera to yourself as you prepare to jump, dive, splash, and twist around in the water. You might be surprised at the unique motion and imagery you pick up along the way.

Have fun with Fido

If you’ve ever seen one of those “what do dogs do when they’re alone?” videos, you know that Fido is an unending source of bizarre, lovable antics. Why not use a wearable camera to see how he views the water? Attaching a camera to a comfortable harness can give you a dog’s-eye view of the water, the deck, and the poolside pursuits of man’s best friend. Just be sure to keep an eye on Fido to see if he can comfortably swim and get around with the slight added weight of the camera.

Explore the waterfall

If your pool has a waterfall, you’re probably used to getting in and out of it with your eyes closed and breath held. Heading in with a camera on would allow you to do the same, all while capturing the unique motion of the waterfall and how the world looks from within that thin sheet of water.

Time lapse with ease

Looking for a fun way to capture your day at the pool? Try a time lapse video by setting your camera at the edge of the pool, the top of a float, a lounge chair, or anywhere else that offers you a clear view of the pool and the people in it. At the end of your day in the sun, you’ll have a fun video to look back on, speed up, and see how the day changes in real time.

These are our ideas—what are yours? Be sure to share photos of you and your family enjoying your Extreme Pool, whichever way you know how!

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