5 Swimming Strokes to Try This Summer

5 Swimming Strokes to Try This Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us, and you’re probably itching to jump in the water now more than ever. Why not try a few new swimming strokes in the process?

Take a look at today’s blog for a quick look at swimming strokes that are sure to satisfy your need for fun in the water!

For kids…

The kids are about to go back to school—but before they do, why not have them try out a few new swimming strokes? While younger swimmers can tackle a variety of moves, one of the simplest places to start would be the front crawl, which is the most common form used for freestyle swimming (in fact, they’re often used interchangeably).

We think this makes a great swimming stroke for beginners because it’s very intuitive, but also lends itself to great speed on the water. Have your child watch a video or two of pros like Michael Phelps completing the front crawl—it’s inspiring to watch!

The stroke requires the swimmer to kick their legs, propelling them through the water as they alternate their right and left arms to “pull” them forward. The swimmer will turn their head to the side of their forward arm to breathe, making this a great way to practice smart breathing techniques, too.

For easing joint pain…

Feeling the weight of the past few days on your joints? You can help ease any stiffness with a swimming stroke like the doggy paddle. While a popular choice for young swimmers (and, of course, our four-legged friends), this style is also perfect for letting you stretch out and flex your joints in a low-pressure setting. Unlike the front crawl, which involves two separate movements for your legs and arms, the doggy paddle sees the same kind of rotating paddle in all areas. The result is a gentler movement that keeps your head above the water, making this style less stressful and more comfortable to ease into.

For relaxation…

Stressed out? While any amount of time in the pool can be truly relaxing, there are ways to make your afternoon laps that much calmer. Try a kickboard in combination with your favorite swimming stroke. Your upper body weight will be supported, but your legs will still be getting a bit of a workout, so it’s a gentle way to get in some beneficial cardio!

For cardio…

On the other hand, you may be training for specific speed or endurance goals. In that case, a strong cardio-geared swimming stroke would be the butterfly stroke. It makes use of small but powerful kicks (also known as dolphin kicks) for propelling you forward, while your arms do a lot of work, too—they’re busy “sweeping” into the water in big, fluid movements as you break the surface of the water. This is a true full-body workout that’s sure to satisfy your cardio and core exercise requirements.

For fun…

Just want to do laps in a fun, laidback way? One of our favorites for easy enjoyment is the backstroke. Why? This style lets you breathe easy—literally, thanks to the face-up positioning—so you don’t need to worry about losing your breath while you’re trying to relax! It also gives you a chance to appreciate your surroundings (nearby trees, the bright blue sky, etc.) a little more, and you can take the backstrokes as quickly or as gently as you’d like.

This summer, mix things up and try a new style of swimming. It’s good for you, and easy to enjoy!

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