Lighting Your Pool for Summer Fun

Lighting Your Pool for Summer Fun

The right light doesn’t just light the way—it provides ambiance, warmth, and an atmosphere that meshes with the rest of your outdoor space.

Whatever your pool design goals may be, start with a lighting scheme that showcases your space with ease. In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring a few common design “wants” and how to achieve them with the right light. Take a look!

For quiet ambiance…

Sometimes, you don’t want your lighting to be straightforward and obvious. For a lighting scheme that does the trick without affecting your tranquil poolside ambiance, opt for softer choices: string lights, floating candles, or net lights strung over your backyard shrubs (it’s not just for the holidays!).

For pool night whimsy…

What about a more playful, whimsical pool party? We think one of the best options is colorful in-pool lights and laminar jets that turn moving streams of water into quick blue, pink, or green bursts of light.

For everyday enjoyment…

For functionality at its finest, you can’t go wrong with submerged lights that give off a gentle golden glow, paired with recessed or ceiling fan lighting overlooking your patio. This setup can lend itself to a variety of needs: from nighttime pool parties to simply getting around after your midnight swim.

For sunset dinner parties…

What do you do when your sunset dinner party continues long into the night? In these cases, your best bet is to brighten your space with solar-powered lights that can sense when it gets dark and power on. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about as you entertain!

For themed spaces…

Looking for a lighting option that blends with your pool’s carefully-crafted theme? For tropical-style spaces, a classic tiki torch setup adds a welcome flair. For a pool that embodies Old Florida glamour, a string of flamingo-shaped lights is a fun and playful way to brighten your space.

We hope that today’s blog helps you find ways to fine tune your pool and outdoor space! For more design advice or information about in-pool lighting options, call Extreme Pools today and see how we can help.

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