4 Pool Tips for Year-Round Swimming Enjoyment

4 Pool Tips for Year-Round Swimming Enjoyment

It’s right there in the name. The Sunshine State is perfect for relaxing in the sun and making the most out of all Florida has to offer. That includes swimming, wading, and lounging in the pool nearly every day of the year.

The fact is, purchasing a pool from a trusted and reputable Daytona Beach custom pool builder is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. REALTORs® agree that in a region where the climate is favorable most every day of the year, prospective homebuyers are impressed and attracted to homes with pools.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your property anytime soon, pools offer so much fun and relaxation that you’ll be content to spend any free time by the water. Here’s how you can ensure year-round enjoyment of your pool:

1) Be Vigilant About Maintenance

Though subtle, there are seasons in Florida, and each one brings with it a unique set of foliage and insect concerns that can quickly threaten the water quality in your pool. That’s why it’s wise to practice at least weekly maintenance (including applicable cleaning). A Daytona Beach pool service can assist in this endeavor if you’re strapped for time or simply are unable or unwilling to perform personal pool maintenance.

As with any task, upkeep becomes easier with regular attention. That means rather than having to face a large cleaning, it’s better to adopt small, daily habits that result in a consistently sparkling and healthy pool.

2) Invest in a Pool Heater

When most people think of Florida, they picture hot and humid days at the beach. While that’s true, there have been some downright chilly mornings and early evenings, especially this year. That’s why it makes sense to install a heater in your Daytona pool.

Not only does a heater extend your pool season, but it’s great for your health. When water temperature is comfortable, people are more likely to spend time in the pool: swimming, wading or doing watersports such as volleyball or water aerobics. Health experts attest that physical activity plays a huge role in overall wellness.

In addition, pool heaters help regulate body temperature. That way, you won’t subject your body to the shock of transitioning from the warm air inside your home during the winter months to the cold water out of doors.

3) Install a Pool Enclosure

Not only does a high-quality aluminum pool enclosure add instant appeal to your property, the features that come along with this structure are priceless. Pool enclosures help keep out bugs and unwelcome animals. Kids and pets are safe and secure inside this closed-off space.

In addition, you’ll keep dirt and debris from getting into the pool, which saves on cleaning and maintenance costs. Pool enclosures also make it possible and desirable to use your pool even in times of inclement weather (light rain) or dark of day/night. Coupled with a reliable pool light, you can enjoy peaceful pool time no matter the hour or weather.

4) Reach Out for Expert Advice

Sometimes the best way to have all your questions answered and concerns addressed is to contact a trusted and qualified custom pool building team. For years, when people search for dependable Orlando pool builders, they turn to us first.

We’re proud to be the go-to choice for homeowners across Central Florida. Using only the best materials (we deal exclusively with quality Hayward equipment), all our work is backed up by generous warranties.

Browse our project gallery to learn more about our award-winning work. Then, contact us to begin enjoying the Florida lifestyle to the extreme with a custom pool of your own.

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