The 6 Swimmers You’ll See This Summer

Whether it’s your first pool party or 21st, take a good look at the people around you—you might notice that there are a few distinct types of swimmers and partygoers. Knowing who they are can help you become a better, more perceptive and accommodating host—but it’s also just a lot of fun! Here, we are looking at the six swimmers you’ll find at every poolside get-together.

The Olympian

When naturally athletic, competitive people come to your pool party this summer, they’re going to dive right in and start swimming laps across the pool. Whether they don’t have a pool at home, or just want to show off their skills in front of friends, they just can’t help themselves!

The Parent

For every young child at your pool this summer, there’s bound to be one or two protective parents by their side. You will see the parent watching over their child in the water, constantly helping them to reapply sunscreen, and offering water and snacks all the while. We love having a parent or several at the pool—they help to keep everyone safe!

The Jokester

Even if they’re not a kid, the jokester is truly a kid at heart. While on deck, they’re the life of the party and will be making jokes one after another. Once they have their swim trunks on, watch out—they might be prone to tossing a friend in the pool or using a water gun on unsuspecting guests.

The Tanner

On a sunny Florida day, you’ll be sure to spot at least a couple of guests lounging poolside, trying to get the perfect tan. Be sure to supply them with a bottle or two of sunscreen so they can stay safe while they bask in the sun!

The Photographer

The surge of waterproof cameras, shockproof phones and selfie sticks has made poolside photography easier than ever. You’ll catch the photographer in action throughout the day, whether they’re taking pictures of the afternoon’s lunch, snapping selfies with friends, or precariously hanging their phone over the pool for a risky group shot.

The Adventurer

The adventurer is often a young child who’s only recently discovered the wonders of a day at the pool. They are eager and willing to try anything and everything for a thrill—and maybe some attention from other partygoers as well! You might spot them doing anything from demonstrating impressive cannonballs into the pool or racing with friends through the water. Because the adventurer is so bold, you will want to keep a careful eye on them to prevent them from being a little too adventurous (like when they try running on a slippery deck or trying out fancy backflips). When you watch over them, however, the adventurer’s spirit can really lighten up a party.

Have you noticed any of these swimmers at your own pool—or maybe know of a type that’s different entirely? Share with us in the comments, and enjoy several more poolside parties this summer. 

The 6 Swimmers You’ll See This Summer

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