Ormond Swimming Pool Entries: 3 Helpful Solutions

For every unique swimmer, there’s a unique pool entry solution that works best for them—and what that is depends on a variety of factors including age, ability and specific needs or preferences. You may not be able to pack everyone’s perfect entry into your pool, but you can definitely find one that strives to meet everyone’s needs in some way.

Today, we’re looking at three helpful solutions for the swimmers that will be happily using your pool this summer:

Easy entry for limited mobility swimmers

Many pool owners have close friends or family with limited ability, which can result from things like joint pain or simple aging. Whatever their specific case, as long as they are able to wade or gently swim, the pool can be a source of great enjoyment and relief for them—even more so when they’re able to easily enter and exit the pool. For them, the best entry is typically one that lets them enter laterally into the pool… in other words, they don’t have to turn backward and hold onto bars to enter the pool. A set of wide steps accompanied by an easy-to-grip railing can do the trick and make the pool a more inviting place for all swimmers.

A zero entry pool also allows limited mobility swimmers to relax in the refreshing water without having to go in deep—so it’s another great option for those who don’t want to go swimming in the deep end but still want to have fun!

Here’s another helpful idea: while your kids are young and certainly full of energy, they can also benefit from an easier entry and exit! Steps allow young swimmers to get in and out easily, and also give kids a place to sit or wade after swimming.

Quick access entry

You may primarily use your pool for exercise and solo enjoyment. If this is the case, you might not need an extra set of steps for entry and exit. Installing a ladder that leads into your pool can be the best solution for you, as it takes up minimal space and opens up more room in the pool for your favorite activity—swimming!

An entertainment-minded solution

Maybe your pool is the party spot for the entire neighborhood—and if so, congratulations! Having friends and family over every weekend is a great perk of pool ownership, especially for those who love being a great host.

As a host, you’re already familiar with how to best entertain your guests. You invest in the comfiest patio furniture and always have plenty of snacks and refreshments on hand. You can carry that attention over to your pool’s design as well! For pool owners who love entertaining, a unique entry option like a wet shelf might be the best possible solution. A wet shelf is designed for entertainment—it’s a portion of your pool that is only very slightly submerged in water (just a few inches). You can place lounge chairs and a small table here to foster relaxing and poolside entertaining—and even guests who forget their bathing suits will be able to get their feet wet!

If you are designing a new pool or want to redesign your current one with a new entry, give us a call! We can help you design the best one for your specific needs.

Ormond Swimming Pool Entries: 3 Helpful Solutions

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