Our Guide to Pool Maintenance You Can Manage

Our Guide to Pool Maintenance You Can Manage

Regular maintenance is needed to keep your pool looking picture perfect—but that maintenance doesn’t have to give you a headache in the process! In today’s blog, we will be looking at ways to simplify the care and maintenance of your pool so that it’s always looking and running at its best.

Keep your deck clean

When your deck is clean, your pool is likely to follow. Be sure to sweep up messes, leaves and debris from your patio or deck as they happen so that they don’t stream into the water of your pool.

Turn skimming into a regular routine

Even the cleanest, purest pool water can look less than perfect when it’s topped off with a layer of twigs, leaves and seeds on the surface. The best way to combat this is, of course, with regular skimming—but don’t brush it off as just another chore! You can make the skimming process—which should only take a few minutes at a time—more fun by listening to music or rotating the task with family members.

Get rid of occasional surface “gunk” with ease

Sunscreen, tanning oils, hair products and more can leave bits of residue in the pool water—but not to worry. Properly working filters should take care of leftover “gunk,” but you can always spot clean these areas with—of all objects—a tennis ball! It’s often said that the fibers and absorbent nature of a tennis ball make it a natural solution for quick cleanups in the water.

Know your pool

The best thing you can do as a pool owner is to monitor your pool and get to know what a healthy, well-functioning system looks like. When you notice something that deviates from this norm—whether it be filter issues, cloudy water, etc.—you can count on us to remedy the problem and keep it from happening again.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the pool of your dreams all year long! If you have any maintenance questions or would like to schedule a regular pool service, call us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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