Extreme’s Guide to Float-Away Fun: Which Float Is Right for Me?

Extreme’s Guide to Float-Away Fun: Which Float Is Right for Me?

We all daydream about floating into relaxation in our backyard pools—but do you know which float is best for you and your needs? Take a look at today’s blog for a quick, handy guide on pool floats and find one that’s perfect for you.

For when you want to sunbathe…

For those days when you simply want to float around and soak up the sun, all you’ll need is a body-sized float that lets you recline in comfort. Whether that’s a simple float with a fun shape—a donut, a cookie or a slice of pizza, for example—or a more structured one that comes with a pillow, arm rests and cup holder, you’re sure to enjoy the relaxing experience ahead! Lather up in sunscreen, slip on your favorite sunglasses, and float along in tranquility.

For when you want to catch up on a good book…

There are few better spots than your pool for catching up on magazine or novel reading—but you don’t want your favorite literature to get soaked! While a bit of splashing is to be expected, you can keep your book (and yourself!) relatively dry by picking out a float that’s made with lightweight foam. Not only is this material incredibly soft, but it keeps the float above water, letting you stay comfortable while enjoying the pool.

For when you want to play…

Sometimes, you just want to twist, spin and splash around on your float—in this case, your best bet is to go for an option such as an inner tube, noodle or fun animal shape. To increase your in-pool fun, you can even pick up a float that’s designed for ping pong and other games on the water.

For new swimmers…

For swimmers who are new to the water, the best floats are the ones that give them a chance to hang on with ease, or share the float with fellow swimmers. We’ve seen everything from rafts with a large surface area to pretzel-shaped floats with plenty of spots to grab onto. These float let those new to the water get comfortable with the idea of jumping right in—while always giving them a convenient spot to retreat to.

For your four-legged friend…

Let’s not forget about Fido! Your four-legged friend can enjoy the water from a float of his own, on a specially-made device that’s sturdy enough to hold up a dog who’s not yet developed his sea legs. You’ll find floats like this throughout the summer at lots of stores—but if you want a float for this season, hop online and you’ll be sure to find one available for order!

Happy floating! Which one of these fun floats is on your shopping list? Let us know below.

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