Orlando Pool Design: How Your Pool Can Work with Its Surroundings

Orlando Pool Design: How Your Pool Can Work with Its Surroundings

Your pool isn’t an afterthought, and its sole purpose isn’t being a place for you to swim!

Your pool is a part of your home, and—when designed with its surroundings in mind—can be one of the most visually intriguing aspects of your home and backyard. See how in today’s blog, as we share some of our favorite ways to integrate your pool with the area around it.

Take advantage of tight corners

While every backyard is different (and will, thus, present its own unique set of design needs), many pools can be uniquely shaped to fit the equally original backyards they occupy. In many cases, this might mean creating an L-shaped pool or otherwise unconventional shape that works to fit your space—so that you can get the most from your property, without having to settle for a smaller pool in the process.

Showcase breathtaking waterfront views

Does your property sit by the water? You’re in luck—which you probably already knew!

Not only does a waterfront property allow for beautiful aquatic views and mesmerizing sunrises or sunsets—it also gives you a chance to build your pool with natural beauty in mind. An infinity edge is a great way to take advantage of this, since your pool will be able to flow right into the nearby waterway (or at least look like it does). For those who crave a natural-style pool, having a nearby body of water gives you a chance to design your pool with that water in mind—you can match its natural shape, color, or surroundings, for example, so that it looks like one part of an overarching system.

Design below a shade-laden canopy

If your yard already comes replete with natural shade cover, use it to your advantage! We can help you design a pool that sits near a large tree on your property, for example, so that you can enjoy a cool, comfy swimming experience day in and day out.

If you’re interested in designing a pool that works with its surroundings, call Extreme Pools today! We can work with the natural environment of your backyard to design something that truly “wows.”

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