Extreme’s Guide to Turning Your Pool into a Zoo

Extreme’s Guide to Turning Your Pool into a Zoo

Looking for ways to spruce up your pool for spring? Take a walk on the “wild side” and turn it into a zoo!

Young swimmers will love this whimsical idea, which takes all the things we love about our favorite animals and brings them close to home. Take a look below to see how to accomplish it in your own space!

Be inspired by safari elements

One of the best ways to add a fun, safari feel to your backyard is to surround it with animal-inspired elements. Think about spots like jungles or the Australian Outback where you’re sure to spot a variety of critters. To create a lush, Amazon-style escape, surround your pool with broad-leafed plants, palms, and greenery that will immerse you and your fellow swimmers into a tropical world. For a more arid landscape, keep things simple with potted desert plants like succulents of varying sizes. They will serve as the perfect backdrop to whatever adventures may follow!

Add animal floats…

The next step is, of course, the floats in your pool! It’s impossible to go wrong here, with an enormous abundance of creature floats to choose from. Flamingos, dolphins, crocodiles, and even less down-to-earth creatures like unicorns can all be found for sale at this time of year. Keep your pool surface topped off with a few of these familiar faces so that your space is always ready for instant safari-inspired fun.

…and fun and games

You can also integrate a sense of zoology into your pool’s toys. Use pipe cleaners and googly eyes to transform old noodles into colorful horses, or toss in floating animal figures that swimmers can jump in to collect.

Put an animal spin on poolside accessories

For animal-inspired pool parties or family gatherings, you can’t go wrong with accessories like towels with animal face hoods, masks, goodie bags, and more.

With lots of kids, neighbors or friends, your pool may already feel like a zoo—but these ideas are sure to bring your pool to an exciting new level! Try it out at your next birthday party or for a simple springtime celebration.

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