Orlando Custom Pools: 5 Ways to Keep Yours Looking Like New

Orlando Custom Pools: 5 Ways to Keep Yours Looking Like New

Much like a brand-new car, your pool is a sparkling investment… one whose feeling of newness you want to preserve for as long as possible!

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do just that. Keep reading to see our top five tips for keeping your pool looking (and operating) at its very best.

Use your pool

First-time pool owners might be tempted to preserve the pristine look of their new pool by never breaking the water’s surface. But there’s no need! Unlike a luxury car or an expensive set of china, your pool is one investment that truly gets better the more it is used and enjoyed. As you regularly run your filter and spend time in your pool, you’ll be helping to maintain its natural chemistry and will be better positioned to spot potential changes (water color, buildup, etc.) that should be addressed.

Schedule pool cleaning services

We love the do-it-yourself approach, but maybe not for pool cleaning. You may not have the tools, expertise, or time commitment to keeping your pool as crystal clear as you want it… but we do! By arranging for pool maintenance services with Extreme Pools, that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Skim between cleanings

You can help keep your pool looking its best (even between cleanings!) by simply skimming it every day or so, or whenever is necessary. This is a two-minute task that you can even do while swimming, and it’ll help maintain the crystalline look of your water.

Focus on little touches

Little touches can make a big impact! Whether it’s adding fresh mulch to your pool landscape or scrubbing off your waterline tiles, these easy maintenance steps can go a long way in preserving a fresh, luxurious feel in your pool and the surrounding area.

Clean deck = clean pool

A cleaner pool starts on dry land! Keeping your deck or patio clean and clear of leaves, seeds, and other debris so that they don’t have a chance to spill into your pool. A quick trimming of branches, or sweep every other day or so, might be all you need to do!

Looking for the new pool to go along with these new pool tips? Call Extreme Pools today to learn more about our custom pool design and additional luxury features!


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