Before You Build: 4 Fun Ideas for Orlando Pools

Is building a pool at the very top of your summer to-do list? It may seem like a big project to take on, but we can help you at every step of the way! Before we do, however, you may want to take some time and consider the exact look you’re aiming for. Here are four fun ideas you may want to include in your pool’s design:

Unique shape: While you can make several stylistic changes to your pool over the years, its shape is one thing that isn’t so easily altered—put some extra thought into it to see if a unique shape is right for you! It’s true that many—if not most—pool owners opt for the traditional rectangular pool, but if your taste (and available backyard space to work with) allows it, don’t shy away from more unique options! Many people think circles are best reserved for hot tubs and spas, but a round-bordered swimming pool can be just as fun for you and your family. You may be familiar with kidney-shaped pools as well—the rounded edges can be more aesthetically pleasing to some, and can definitely work better with certain landscaping options. We’ve even seen some pools that were free formed or made with multiple “branches” that made the most of an oddly-shaped backyard.

Rocky landscape: Landscaping can be altered after your initial construction, but if you have a specific theme in mind, integrating your out-of-pool landscaping into your pool’s design can be a smart thing to do. One popular design option is a hotel-style rock-and-waterfall oasis, with boulders built into the side of the pool with cascading waterfalls or mini pools of water. This can mimic the feel of your favorite resort swimming pool!

Kid-friendly slide: One of the most fun things you can include in your pool’s construction is a slide, integrated into your pool’s design and built with kids in mind. Whether it’s long and winding or short and steep, you can take advantage of the space outside of your pool to make a fun slide all your guests can enjoy.

Of course, you can always add an independently-designed slide to the outside of your pool; one that meshes with your construction, however, can last longer and look more deliberate than the free standing options.

Special purpose: Is there something special you have in mind for your new pool? Because so many of us turn to our pools as a primary source of relaxation or physical exercise, it makes sense that we want our pools to be designed with us in mind. As custom pool builders, we can help you design a swimming pool that’s built with your specific wants and needs in mind. This can include many things—if you are short on space, a smaller-sized pool built with resistance jets that help simulate swimming multiple laps. You may also consider a therapy pool designed for swimmers with specific physical needs. Whatever the request, let us know how we can help you!

Before You Build: 4 Fun Ideas for Orlando Pools

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