Achieving an Eco-Friendly Pool for Earth Day

Achieving an Eco-Friendly Pool for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! As we reflect on the importance of eco-friendly living on this day, let’s take a look at your backyard pool—and how you can make it even “greener” than before. Take a look!

Simplicity through automation

We love automation—in our homes, at work, in our cars, and just about everywhere else we go. Any little thing that can remove the need for wonder or worry is a great improvement—one you can even enjoy in your swimming pool!

Our Hayward automation systems let you enjoy that sense of simplicity and convenience… but it’s not just about an easy path to pool maintenance. Because these systems are programmed to only power your pool (through heating, for example) when it’s absolutely needed, you won’t have to waste excess energy or money on your system. You can save as much as 70 percent in energy costs, all while cutting down on your impact on the environment!

Solar-powered heat

One great solution for heating your pool is to harness the heat from the sun. Solar panel-powered heaters can help you do this, once again saving you (and the environment) in a big way.

No more evaporation

If your pool is always just a little bit too cold, you may find that a cover can help you keep the warm water in. If you go several days or a week without using your pool, leaving a cover on during those times will let you avoid the need to heat your pool with outside power. Another option is to use a pool enclosure, one that makes for easy swimming and enjoyment all year long.

Natural windbreaks

Plants like trees, bushes, and potted flowers can serve as windbreaks on the outer edges of your pool. This is just one more measure that will prevent wind and evaporation from leaving your pool cooler than you prefer.

Rain garden for runoff

Are you looking for ways to keep rainwater from bringing pesticides (and other chemicals) into your pool or the streets around your home? Runoff is a real problem with a surprisingly easy solution. Create a rain garden, or a collection of plants low in the ground on your property, to catch that water and use it nourish your backyard (instead of being “wasted” on sidewalks, roads, or even your swimming pool deck).

You may not want green water in your swimming pool—but the green movement is definitely something we can get behind! Call Extreme Pools today to learn more about our automated systems and more ways to keep your pool running smoothly, this Earth Day and beyond.

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