The 7 Additions your Pool’s been Missing

Our temperatures are skyrocketing and, for Central Florida kids, summer vacation could not come fast enough. When they are finally let out of school, you’ll want to make sure you and your backyard pool are ready for whatever cry of “I’m bored” they can throw your way!

If fun in the pool is on your summertime itinerary, try adding one of these unique floats or toys that your kids and guests will love.

Family float: Think beyond your basic inner tube—you can pick up a family-sized float that four or five swimmers can enjoy at once! We’ve seen types that offer a central “meeting place,” equipped with cup holders, that smaller floats can center around… kind of like bar stools at a bar. This is great for families or a group of friends who want to relax with a cool soda while lounging in the pool!

Floating refreshments: The family float we just mentioned would be moot without a refreshing drink to go with it. You can buy a floating cooler that operates with the cool water of your pool—these come in many shapes and sizes. We’ve even seen floating boat-shaped coolers! This is a great option for pools because there won’t be any rough waves to tip your drinks over.

Lions, tigers… and sharks: Kids will go crazy for any uniquely-shaped float, especially those shaped like animals they can ride through the water. They make almost anything you can think up: lobsters, squids, horses, swans, sharks and more! You can also try creating a theme with the floats in your pool—instead of all critter floats, you can get a variety of food-shaped ones like sprinkled donuts, ice cream bars, and more.

Games on the water: What could be more fun than taking the games your family already loves on land and bringing them into the water? There are several ways to do this. We’ve seen floating ring toss, easy-assemble volleyball nets, and even miniature ping-pong tables you can bring out on the water!

Floating cabana: For adult and kid swimmers alike who just want to unwind and relax in their pool (without having to tread water!), a floating cabana may be the best addition you can bring into your pool. These cabanas will have space for one or two swimmers to comfily lounge on while floating in the pool—they also have a “roof” to protect you from the sun. What could be more relaxing?

Pool playhouse: A pool playhouse in the shape of a floating castle or pirate ship is the kid-friendly version of a floating cabana. Kids will love poking their heads in and out of their floating fortress—some even come with miniature slides they can enjoy as well!

Floating fish: The key aspect of “floating” fish, rings and other shapes is that they don’t technically float—they sink. These are small items you can toss into the pool when your kids want to play a “who can retrieve this the fastest?” contest with friends. 

The 7 Additions your Pool’s been Missing

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