Central Florida: Why Fall’s the Time to Build Your Pool

If you have a pool in Florida, you probably love how a simple heater and some sunlight lets you go swimming, even if temps are a bit cooler… and if you don’t have one, you might want to consider it! The fall and winter season is a great time to design your own pool.

Building a pool now offers you one pretty obvious perk: you’ll get to enjoy it faster! Starting the design and construction on your pool now gives you time to enjoy it, during the cooler months and beyond. Imagine the holiday get-togethers centered around your pool, the nighttime bonfires and pool parties you’ll be able to host! Since demand for pools is lower during fall and winter, you’ll also be able to get better prices and a quicker wait period.

By getting your pool done now, as opposed to spring or summer, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of yard work and outdoor activities coinciding with the construction of your pool—this means no pool building going on when you’re trying to do your gardening or other springtime renovations! Any destruction done to your lawn during the pool building process (small things like grass being torn or vegetation having to be removed) will have more time to be fixed up before you want to showcase your yard next year.

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Central Florida: Why Fall’s the Time to Build Your Pool

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