Adding Moving Water to Your Florida Pool

Moving water in a pool? It might sound redundant, but adding an element of moving water (whether it be through a waterfall, laminar jet, or other setup) can add a feeling of serenity and relaxation to your pool even when you’re not in it.

Hotels often have fountains or “jumping” water elements (like laminar jets) in their pools. In kiddie areas you’ll frequently find mushroom-shaped structures with water pouring from the top. We know moving water, besides just the movement of ourselves in the water, is a huge element in vacation-style pools—and it’s not too hard to bring that vacation atmosphere home!

There are a few ways you can do this. Rustic, resort waterfalls are great for oasis-style pools with rugged rocks. You can also opt for more modern effects with sleek, streamlined waterfalls, built into the side of a high-walled pool or coming from a wall attached to the outside of the pool. There’s also the option of Jacuzzi fountains or laminar jets that “jump” across the pool.

Adding moving water elements to your backyard pool isn’t just a stylistic choice—research has shown that the subtle sound of moving water, in tandem with its pleasant look, can make for positive health effects like sound mind and a less stressed attitude.

Adding Moving Water to Your Florida Pool

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