Our Favorite Pool Design Trends

Are you in the market for a new pool and want some inspiration? Check out these popular design trends!

Backyard beach

Your pool is your own personal oasis—by building it with a beach-style entry, you’re only adding to the relaxing atmosphere! A beach entry starts at a depth of zero feet and gently slopes into the pool. Not only does this make it easier to step in, it adds an impressive aesthetic factor to your backyard oasis.

Small space swimming

Don’t rule out your own backyard space for being too small—some of the coolest designs start out as creative space-saving solutions. A plunge pool, for example, is a smaller-sized pool that can still be the center of a party. For even tighter spaces, get creative; you might not have room for a traditional pool, but even a narrow backyard can fit a long (and enjoyable) swimming pool your whole family will love.

Home gym

Many people have home gyms of some sort, whether it be a full-fledged room or a treadmill tucked in a corner—if you’d like to get your workout in by swimming, an exercise-centered pool might be right for you. These can include exercise pools with resistance jets on one end to allow you to swim long distances in one place, like a swimmer’s treadmill. You can also try a long, straight lap pool for rigorous workouts.

If you opt for an exercise- or wellness-centered pool, you don’t have to skip out on style. Negative or infinity edges are a great way to turn even simple designs into true works of art.

It’s geometric!

We add plants, furniture and fancy archways to give our backyard pools a “wow” factor—but you can make the pool itself standout by giving it an edgy, geometric shape. A perfect circle or square are great ways of accomplishing this. You can even design your pool to match the edges of your backyard to maximize space.

At-home oasis

Bring your favorite vacation home with you! Naturally-shaped rocks with a flowing waterfall are reminiscent of resort getaways and can transform the standard backyard pool into a sparkling oasis.


Our Favorite Pool Design Trends

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