4 More Ideas to Improve Your Pool

4 More Ideas to Improve Your Pool

There’s nothing like unwinding after a long day with a refreshing dip in your swimming pool. Weekends are just better when you can while away the hours poolside, enjoying the sparkling water. Especially here in Central Florida, having a high-quality custom pool on your property contributes to an enhanced quality of life.

Best of all, you’ll never have to schedule time to visit a public pool, or have to put up with crowds or blackout hours. Instead, you get instant access to exercise and leisure on your schedule. Read on to learn more ways to maximize pool time fun this year.

1) Keep Kids Happy and Occupied

Children and youth have a natural love for the water. The only trouble is, they often have short attention spans. Thankfully, you can keep the focus on pool fun by providing the tools and toys kids love.

For example, inflatable balls in varying colors add a festive flair to every pool excursion. Diving toys teach youth coordination and provide them with the competitive challenge they crave. You can also foster essential safety tenets while keeping the focus on fun with a mermaid tail and other ideas.

The first step toward achieving the pool of your dreams is to contact trusted and reputable Daytona pool builders. These professionals can help you create an outstanding pool that will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood.

2) Focus on Relaxation

Aside from youth activities, there are times when you just need a moment to relax, unwind, and recharge before continuing on with your day. Luckily, it’s easy to transform your pool into a personal haven.

Start by setting the mood. Pool lights and water features create a calming atmosphere. In addition, some floats and lounges come with drink and snack holders, so you can log some serious pool time enjoyment.

That’s one of the best things about owning a custom pool. You get all the features you want, with none of the elements you don’t need or desire. Plus, when you work with a dependable Flagler pool builder with a strong track record of success, you know that your pool is built to last, using the highest-quality materials available.

3) Make Room for Fun and Games

Why should kids have all the fun? There are plenty of exciting pool time activities for older youth and adults. For example, you could bring a classic bar game to the water with an inflatable beer pong table. Floating speakers keep the tunes cranking all day long. And that’s just a few of the many innovative ideas out there.   

The first step to finally achieving the pool of your dreams is to partner with a Daytona Beach custom pool builder who can turn your vision into reality. Rather than settling for just any builder, it’s best to select a company with a solid reputation in the community, and a portfolio of successful projects to prove their skills and expertise.

4) Create an Inviting Atmosphere  

As mentioned, your custom pool can easily become a life-changing investment. You’ll quickly find your center after a long day by relaxing in a lounge chair by the water. You could also install a bar on the deck, so you and your guests can unwind with a drink and pleasant conversation. Other amenities (such as a grill or fire pit) create a truly inviting atmosphere where friends and loved ones can enjoy life and simply be themselves.

Plus, potted plants and interesting landscaping help make every day near your pool feel like an exotic getaway at a five-star resort. Patio contours, arched gates, sloping elevations, and more all add to the overall feel of your custom pool experience.

For years, we’ve helped countless Central Florida residents craft the perfect pool for their unique desires and requirements. Our focus on high-quality materials (we exclusively use Hayward equipment), generous warranties, and unsurpassed customer service have made us the go-to resource for every pool need. We’re experts at Ormond Beach pool repairs, as well as building and maintaining eye-catching pools across the region. Contact us today to learn how simple and affordable it is to get started on a new custom pool of your own.

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