4 Essentials for Your Next Pool Party

4 Essentials for Your Next Pool Party

Summer is fast approaching. With school breaks and work vacations on the horizon, now’s the ideal time to start planning for warm weather fun. One of the best options is to relax in the refreshing water of your custom pool. Here’s where friends, neighbors, and loved ones can enjoy life to the fullest, and make lasting memories with each other.

To really create a memorable experience in and around your pool, it’s best to gather all the things that will helps guests have a pleasant and relaxing time. Here are some of the most important considerations for your next pool party.

1) Planning, Decorating, and Food

As a responsible and fun-loving pool owner, you naturally want to provide a laid-back and care-free experience for everyone who comes over. But you also know that it doesn’t happen by magic. Instead, a little planning goes a long way to hosting an event that will have people talking all summer long.

First, make a list of who’s coming. You might even opt to send out fun invitations (either by mail or online). That sets the stage for a welcoming atmosphere. Next, choose fun and exciting decorations in vibrant colors. You don’t have to break the bank to accomplish this goal. The dollar store or a discount retailer will have eye-catching options, including streamers, paper lanterns, festive bowls and serving trays, and similar.

Also remember that good food and drinks are central to any great pool party. Choose selections that match your guests’ interests and dietary requirements.

2) Fun and Games

Who doesn’t love to unwind and let their hair down? Especially during the hot and humid summer months, guests will make a priority to cool off in the pool. While everyone’s having fun splashing in the water, it’s easy to play games people of all ages will love.

For example, you can put a new spin on the old favorite of disc golf by adding an inflatable goal post. Or, you could fill water balloons and stage a friendly poolside battle. Your guests will also love traditional pastimes like pool volleyball, beach ball toss, and similar.

As guests are living it up enjoying your pool, it’s wise to ensure you’ve provided a safe and clean environment. One great way to meet that goal is to partner with an Ormond Beach pool service with skilled and friendly professionals who can get your pool in top shape before the party begins.

3) Post-Party Comforts

All good times must end, or at least take a breather. Especially when it’s hot and humid outside, your guests will want to pace themselves so they can safety and comfortably enjoy each other’s company all afternoon.

Create a relaxing “recharge” station by placing lounge chairs around your pool. You could also feature an in-pool umbrella where guests can get the best of both worlds. Or, place a few inflatable lounges in the pool where everyone can cool down and prepare for more fun ahead.

When your parties become the hit of the neighborhood and the word gets out, you’ll need a bigger pool to accommodate all the new friends and family members ready to take a dip in the relaxing water. That’s when it makes sense to contact a trusted and reputable Flagler custom pool builder who can craft a stunning pool to your exact specifications.

4) A Spectacular Custom Pool  

While it’s possible to have poolside fun in any pool, there’s just something about a custom structure that makes guests feel more welcomed and at home. This is where you can let your creativity flow, and show your unique style and personality.

Maybe you’ll include bench seats or tanning ledge in your pool. Perhaps you want designated lanes where you can practice your laps. You might also be seeking a pool with varying depths, where adults and youth can dive, but small children will still be safe in the shallow end. When you work with a dependable Volusia pool builder, it’s simple and affordable to get the custom pool of your dreams.

In fact, for years now we’ve been doing just that. We exclusively use high-quality Hayward pool equipment while delivering the most outstanding customer experience around. That’s just part of how we’ve built a solid reputation as the very best Ormond Beach custom pool builder. Contact us today to get started on your new custom pool, and prepare a pool party for the record books.

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