3 Benefits of your Ormond Beach Hot Tub

The temperatures are heating up… but enjoying a dip in a warm, bubbly hot tub is a treat no matter the time of year! While you probably already love the way a hot tub feels, you might not be aware of the benefits it can have for your health and wellbeing. We’ll take a look at three of them:

Stress relief: The warm jets of a hot tub can act like a makeshift massage on your body—take a load off at the end of a long day and relax! After just minutes lounging in your own hot tub, you’ll be able to unwind and de-stress.

A different kind of patio: In Florida, we can always use more outdoor entertaining space! While your pool is the best spot to swim around and cool off, a hot tub offers you the unique ability to relax in the water without having to tread water to stay afloat. You can sit down, enjoy a drink with friends and family, and soak in the sights and sounds of a warm afternoon.

Buoyancy: The buoyancy offered by your backyard hot tub can have ease aches in your back and joints. Whether you work outdoors or are stuck at a desk all day, relaxing in a hot tub can take away the strain of supporting your own weight—the water will support about 90% of it! This is also beneficial for those with chronic muscle pain or arthritis; in a hot tub, they can enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends without having to strain themselves!

Are you considering adding a hot tub to your new or redesigned pool? Let us know so we can help you design it with your pool and backyard style in mind!

3 Benefits of your Ormond Beach Hot Tub

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