Enjoying Your Orlando Pool in Cool Weather

This winter, don’t let the cooler weather keep you from enjoying your backyard pool! By heating your pool (and employing a few other strategies), you can get just as much out of your pool now as you would in the summer months.

Keep reading today’s blog to find out how to maximize your pool in the winter months.

Opt for heating solutions

The best way to keep your pool enjoyable and ready to go for winter time swimming is, of course, to keep it heated. A heated pool can be the difference between a relaxing afternoon of swimming and a frigid dip in the water—and it’s not hard to do! In addition to a pool heating system, consider using a pool cover to retain heat for when the pool is not in use.

Take it slow

Are you heading into the pool when it’s cold outside? If the water is still a little chilly, don’t force yourself to jump in and “shock” your body into acclimating. Instead, slowly ease yourself into the water for a more comfortable experience.

Switch up your routine

Do you usually go swimming in the morning or early evening? If at all possible, switch up your routine so that you can swim in the slightly warmer hours of the day.

Spend time in the hot tub

If you have a hot tub installed next to your pool, you’re in luck! Having a warm retreat to enjoy between swimming sessions is great, especially during cold weather. You and your family or friends can kick back and enjoy the great weather without ever having to leave the patio!

Keep warm towels nearby
Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy your swimming pool during cool weather is one of the simplest as well: keep plenty of warm towels nearby! You (and your guests) will want something warm and comfy to wrap yourself up with once your time in the water is done. Toss a few towels in the dryer before your swim so they’ll be ready for use when you are!

In addition to keeping plenty of warm towels nearby, you may also want to consider additional methods that can make exiting the pool—even in a cold breeze—a more pleasant experience. Heated rugs—or bathroom floors for those with constantly cold feet—are worth considering as well.

Spend time by the fire

Few things can combine practical warmth with comfort and company like an old fashioned bonfire. Gather family and friends around your backyard fire pit for an enjoyable experience you can all appreciate… and be sure to grab some marshmallows and chocolates for toasting!

If you don’t have a fire pit by your pool already, don’t worry. You don’t need to design a custom stone pit for your backyard—simply pick up a portable one from your local home improvement store and you will be good to go.

These are just a few of the best ways to stay warm this winter while still enjoying the pool—feel free to share yours with us today!


Enjoying Your Orlando Pool in Cool Weather

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