Daytona Pools: Salt or Chlorine?

There’s often a debate over what water type is best for swimming pool—salt or chlorine. While there’s no definitive answer (as what works for you depends on your specific pool’s setup and resources), there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine which will prove most successful for you.

Before you decide on a system, know it’s important to consider the major factors of each. A saltwater pool isn’t really a replica of the ocean—the salt is simply a different means of cleaning and maintain your pool, without making it feel like swimmers just stepped onto the beach! A chlorinated pool is the more common option for today’s pool owner, but is definitely the less “natural” option.

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on what system you want in your own pool:

What matters to you? Some saltwater advocates make the switch because they want a safer environment for their kids and pets. While the safety of chlorine water itself isn’t typically a concern, you should consider how you store your supplies to maintain a safe environment. But if the smell of chlorine bothers you, or you’ve had bad experiences with the fading of bathing suits and damage done to hair with chlorine water, making the switch might be right for you. Saltwater is also a good option if you prefer a gentler swimming experience, as you or your guests might react poorly to chlorine (with red eyes, itchy skin, etc.).

What are you willing to spend? This means your money and time—saltwater pools may be more expensive at the start, but pay for themselves over time and might require less maintenance on your part once you learn the process of maintenance and upkeep.

Of course, if you’re contracting out the help of a dedicated pool cleaner, you’ll want to focus on the cost factor over maintenance.

These are questions worth considering if you already have a pool or are looking into building a new one, although the first situation does require a conversion process. 

Daytona Pools: Salt or Chlorine?

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