Valentine’s Day Fun for Your Daytona Pool

Valentine’s Day Fun for Your Daytona Pool

Does your pool feature into your Valentine’s Day plans? Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, or simply need something to keep the kids occupied before the babysitter arrives, we’re looking at a few fun Valentine’s Day ideas to use in and around your pool!

Float around on hearts

No one shape or symbol better sums up the spirit of Valentine’s Day than the heart. It’s on our greeting cards, candy boxes, wall décor—and our pools?

You can add a sense of Valentine’s Day fun to your space by adding a few heart-shaped floats to your pool, either as tubes to float around in or a lounger for you to recline on and soak up the sun. No heart floats around? No problem—this is also a great day to float around on pink, cheery flamingos or sweet treat floats like chocolate and cupcakes.

Set your love afloat

To create a beautiful backyard ambiance for Valentine’s Day, you can set your pool aglow with waterproof LED candles like hearts or flowers. You’ll be able to swim in a warmly-lit space (or simply enjoy the view from your patio!) and enjoy the atmosphere the glowing candles creates.

Decorate with rose petals

We just mentioned flower candles—but what about the real thing? For a simple way to dress up your pool for the big day, you can sprinkle vividly-colored rose petals onto the surface of your pool. They will make the water seem even more inviting than it usually is—and when it comes time to clean it all up on the 15th, simply use your pool skimmer and you’re good to go!

Enjoy special treats

Valentine’s Day is all about sweet treats, so enjoy some by the water with your loved ones! You can even put a pool-themed spin on traditional treats—chocolates in the shapes of beach balls or ring-shaped fruity candies to represent pool floats. These are simple ways to make the most of your Valentine’s Day pool party or get-together.

Pink-ify your space

To transform your pool into an entirely newer (pinker) version of itself for Valentine’s Day, cover your space with the cheery, rosy color. You can plant new pink flowers around your pool (such as Hibiscus or Hydrangea), add pink beach balls and floats to the water, and string up pink hearts and other decorations at your patio.

We hope that these ideas help make your poolside Valentine’s Day one to remember. Share your photos and stories of the day with us below!

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