Sports and Activities for Your Central Florida Pool

Your pool is the hub of fun, laughs and—yes—even exercise in your backyard… but did you know that your pool is good for more sports and activities than swimming alone? Take a look at some of our favorite in-water activities to try this summer.


Ping pong


Ping pong in the pool? Believe it! You can bring this favorite summertime activity into the water with the help of a floating ping pong table. This will provide hours of fun while family and friends soak up the sun in your backyard pool.




Move your basketball fun from the driveway and into the pool this summer. You can use a floating basketball hoop or one that attaches to the side of your pool for endless games like “Horse,” one on one, and other classics.




Pool volleyball is one of those quintessential summer favorites. You can pick up a net that easily attaches to the sides of your pool for plenty of fun and laughs… and, of course, the occasional argument about which team has to stand in the deep end.


Ring toss


An inflatable ring toss game could be just what your summer party needs to bring into the next level of fun. Swimmers can start out close and then get farther and farther away (and, thus, more creative) as they try to land their rings around the inflatable structure.


Obstacle course


You can purchase an elaborate obstacle course from the store or make one yourself, using a combination of underwater rings to swim through, lounge floats to crawl across, and more. You can even extend the course to run outside of your pool, by adding elements like hopscotch, hurdles or a mini-tunnel to crawl through. This is an exciting event that will leave your family and friends actively laughing for an entire afternoon.


Which of these activities do you love the most? Let us know! We’re always looking for simple ways to add a bit more fun to our pools, and these five ideas are perfect for doing just that.

Sports and Activities for Your Central Florida Pool

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