Orlando Pools: Tech Devices for Pool Day Fun

When spending time with family or friends in the pool, it’s common courtesy to leave your tech devices inside… but maybe not all of them! There are many pieces of technology that can make your pool day even better. Today, we’re looking at just a few:

Portable speakers: Nothing completes a good pool party like a playlist of your favorite summery tunes… and today, there’s no shortage of speakers to choose from. Portable speakers are obviously your best bet if you need easy access to your music—and you can even get waterproof or water resistant speakers to entertain worry free. There are Bluetooth speakers that connect to your phone’s music collection, including some that can actually float on the water with you!

Light displays: To turn a simple night in the pool into a party, you can always count on a set of bright, colorful lights to do the trick. Having these lights installed in your pool is a great option, since you can use the lights in several ways (laminar jets, underwater light, etc.) and are usually able to control the light settings manually. However, if you need a quicker solution, you can always pick one up before your nighttime swim—a light-up, rotating disco ball, for example, can light up your pool and backyard and set the atmosphere for a great party!

Waterproof camera: By the time fall rolls around, you’re going to want to have a scrapbook or digital album full of memories from time spent at the pool—and there’s no better way to do this than with a waterproof camera. Bring your camera into the water with you to capture action shots and funny faces under the surface. There are a few different types of cameras to consider, so be sure to pick one best for your needs—some can be submerged up to a few feet, whereas others are simply water resistant, meaning they can get wet but should not be submerged.

Swim tracker: If you love swimming laps as a serious form of exercise, you may want to consider picking up a waterproof activity tracker. There are several types of these devices to choose from, but many will provide you with stats on your own personal heart rate, speed, strokes, and more… so if you’re trying to improve your swimming, this is something you want to have on hand!

Waterproof cases: Your phone or tablet on its own may not be waterproof… but you can pick up a case that will make it so! If you absolutely have to take a phone call or respond to an email, you might as well do it while lounging by the pool. Even if you don’t have work to attend to, a waterproof phone case can turn your smartphone into a pool friendly camera and music player! As with all waterproof or water resistant devices, be sure to check exactly what depths/pressures a specific device can endure before using.

What tech devices can you not go swimming without? Let us know!

Orlando Pools: Tech Devices for Pool Day Fun

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