Making the Switch from an Above-Ground Pool

Making the Switch from an Above-Ground Pool

Are you ready to make the switch from an above-ground pool to a built-in, custom oasis? We can help!

Above-ground pools can provide a strong foundation—a love of swimming, a passion for the water, and much more. But when you’re ready to get serious about the sport, or about creating a personal getaway right at home, there’s no better way to do it than with a custom, in-ground pool.

Read on to see some of the changes you’ll enjoy when you make the switch.

More space to swim

While larger above-ground pools might offer a more generous swimming surface, they still can’t make the most of your unique backyard—because they weren’t custom-made. With an in-ground pool, you can get more surface area spread out across a perhaps-unconventional landscape (a narrow yard, L-shaped space, etc.). You get the most value for your investment.

New depths to explore

With an in-ground pool, there are new depths to explore—literally! You can customize your swimming space to be shallow all-around, perhaps descending to greater depths for cannonball fun on one side of the pool (while still keeping the opposite side perfect for wading, learning to swim, etc.). The layout, and breakdown of depths, is up to you and your unique needs and wants from a pool.

A space that suits your style

It can sometimes be hard to make an above-ground pool work with the unique style of your home and backyard. Its exterior wall can distract from an otherwise seamless space. With an in-ground pool, on the other hand, you get to enjoy a pool-scape that is custom-suited to your individual tastes. You can choose unique shapes for your pool, or let the landscape shine by keeping the pool itself sleek and minimally-adorned.

Ease of access

With an in-ground pool, you never have to climb a ladder to get in and enjoy, or to perform pool maintenance. This is especially helpful for swimmers who might want to enjoy the gentle, joint relief benefits of a pool, without needing to strain to get in the water.

Added value

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of an in-ground pool is its ability to raise the value of your home! Unlike an above-ground option, this custom pool can permanently change the value and appeal of your home for buyers, should you ever decide to sell later on.

Feeling inspired yet? Make your pool fun permanent, and consider upgrading to an in-ground pool! Call Extreme Pools today to learn more.

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