Accessories for Enjoying Pool Time Anytime

Accessories for Enjoying Pool Time Anytime

One of the benefits of living in Florida is the opportunity for year-round pool use. From swimming, wading, or just relaxing by the water, the unique climate of this state is tough to match.

Still, some days do get cold, rainy, and overcast in the Sunshine State. Already this year, there have many days when cool temperature readings seemed like we were living up North.

But aside from severe weather like thunderstorms and hurricanes, there are many pool accessories that can help you brave whatever Mother Nature has in store. The following items will enable you to enjoy your pool regardless of weather:

Lights and Visibility

The most popular pool lighting products available today are white LED lights. These are typically round and feature an on/off switch. Installation is easy, and the light can be used immediately after it’s secured in place.

Fountains add aesthetic appeal and ambiance but can also help protect kids. By setting boundaries around the pool fountain and watching for water fluctuations, you can ensure everyone has a safe and fun time in the pool. An added benefit is the fact that fountains help regulate pool temperature, which can save you money in the long run.

Heaters and Climate Control

As mentioned, there are some days where it gets cold in Florida. Don’t let the thermometer reading dictate whether you can enjoy your pool. By investing in a quality heater, you’ll be swimming without a care for the outside temperature.

There are several types of heaters available. Gas heaters use natural gas or propane to heat water as it runs through the machine. This type of heater is the least cost-effective and is typically used in colder climates.

Heat pumps incorporate the outside air to heat the water. More economical than gas heaters, they don’t warm up as quickly. Heat pumps work best in temperatures 50 degrees and higher.

Solar heaters use the energy of the sun to heat. This is the most cost-effective heater option currently available and is ideal for the Florida climate.

Novelty and Relaxation Add-Ons

Life’s about having fun and enjoying time with friends and family. Sometimes, you have to let your hair down and live a little. There are many unique and downright zany additions to your pool, including:

  • pool-hugging cup holders
  • floating snack trays
  • immersible music speakers
  • poolside towel warmer

If you have a hot tub, fun add-on features include disco lights, non-slip bath pillows, waterproof playing cards and games, and aromatherapy products.

Expert Installation and Advice

We’re proud to have helped countless Central Florida residents realize their pool ownership dreams. From simple and efficient backyard pools to an expansive outdoor oasis, our qualified and professional staff can do it all.

We exclusively use Hayward pool equipment — a nationally-recognized and respected brand. Many of our pool construction options come with lifetime warranties. We stand by all our products and services, and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.

Browse our project and photo gallery to see for yourself what we’re capable of. Then contact us to get started on your new pool.

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