Bug Off: Pest-Preventing Tips for your Daytona Pool

Being able to host parties whenever the occasion comes up…having a way to stay in shape while still thoroughly enjoying yourself…there are so many great aspects of having your very own backyard pool! Unfortunately, the presence of mosquitoes, bees and other water-loving pests isn’t one of them. But don’t let these bugs spoil your fun as our temperatures heat up—here are a few tricks you can try to keep the bugs away from your pool this summer, ranging from small-scale solutions to big preventative projects.

Keep a clean space. Bugs like mosquitoes sure love still water—which, of course, makes your pool an easy target, but we’ll talk about that later! While your pool is better protected thanks to its chlorine, other sources of still water like spare buckets, kiddie pools and other containers are like welcome mats to those unwanted insects. Keep containers empty and away from the pool!

Depending on the makeup of your backyard, you might also struggle with finding a place to store other supplies, garbage, recycling, etc. Make sure to keep your garbage cans away from the pool or back patio area, as these can attract mosquitoes, flies and more pests you don’t want hanging around.

Have a pool skimmer on hand. Most pool owners probably have one on hand, but a pool skimmer is one of the best tools to get rid of isolated water bugs. Just don’t rely on a skimmer as your only protection from insects—while it’s great at ridding your pool of bugs here and there, it can’t replace a good cleaning routine and other preventative steps.

Install a bug zapper. An electric mosquito zapper on your back porch can attract mosquitoes and other insects then “zap” them so they don’t bother you while you enjoy the pool. You may not like the sound or light that comes with a zapper, however, so there are other options you can choose to have essentially the same effect.

Go natural. This trick is for those who prefer a more natural, less “zappy” option! Essential oils such as citronella can work at preventing bugs in a small radius (so you’ll have to use a few torches or lamps to get the job done). On a similar note, you can plant citronella grass, rosemary, marigolds and other plants to keep away bugs from around your pool.

Rethink your cleaning routine. Bugs—especially those that live in the water itself—can be attracted to algae, plant debris and other bugs that you might find in your pool. Talk to your pool cleaning professional to see what you can do about maintaining the right chemical balance, using an algaecide, or taking other measures to keep your pool clean and bug-free.

Install a pool enclosure. While installing an enclosure for your pool is definitely the biggest and most expensive option, it’s a great move and does more than just keep bugs out of your pool! Pool enclosures offer this obvious benefit by not letting anything in besides sunlight and air—debris and bugs just can’t fit through the screen! Installing a pool enclosure can also keep your pool warmer and offer a more enjoyable swimming experience. 

Bug Off: Pest-Preventing Tips for your Daytona Pool

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