A Jungle Escape for Your Orlando Pool

A Jungle Escape for Your Orlando Pool

Lush, leafy surroundings. The alluring sound of moving water. The promise of discovering something new just around the corner.

There’s a lot to love about jungle escapes—and you don’t need to take a plane down to the Amazon to experience one. Craft a jungle-themed pool in your own backyard! In today’s blog, we’ll show you how.

Start with a thriving landscape…

When you think of a jungle, the first thing you see is probably lots and lots of trees—lush, green, and with broad leaves that provide irresistible shade. That’s why we think a jungle-themed pool is never complete without the foundation of a healthy landscape! Once you’ve established a spot for your pool (or if you’re dressing up an existing pool), surround it with palms and similar plants that will provide shade, color, and sway in the breeze without littering the water’s surface.

... and rocky shores

Next, continue the jungle element with a natural edge to your pool. That might mean a rocky waterfall-style border (as a plus, you can hide speakers and spare lights around those rocks) or a wet shelf entry that mimics the gentle slope of a tropical lagoon.

Make your water move

Jungles are never quiet, especially near the water where you’re sure to hear the gentle movement of the water as it makes its way by. You can get this element in your own pool with the help of a waterfall or rain wall that will provide visual interest and a sort of natural soundtrack to your space.

Opt for hidden, natural lighting

Avoid modern lighting looks that take away from the natural feel of your jungle-themed pool. Instead, opt for lights that effortlessly blend into your landscape: recessed lighting tucked under a rock structure, for example, or peeking out from the lush plants that surround your pool.

Complete with thematic touches

You’re almost done! For thematic finishing touches, add small jungle-style flourishes in the way of furniture (dark-wood pieces with leafy tropical cushions) and even sounds—you can create a playlist of jungle noises or island-inspired music to play over your outdoor speakers.

We hope that these tips help you turn your slice of suburbia into something wild! Call Extreme Pools today to see how we can help with initial design work, unique enhancements, and much more.

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