5 Tips for a Luxurious, Resort Style Pool

If you’re looking to make your pool feel more luxurious, you’re not alone! Virtually every pool owner wants to emulate the luxurious, pampered experience they get to enjoy while on vacation.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the feeling of luxury while lounging poolside—without actually changing the physical design of your pool! Below, we are looking at the best ways to do just that.


Keep warm, fluffy towels ready poolside

Think back to the luxury hotels you’ve been to: hasn’t there always been a warm, clean and fluffy towel waiting for you when you got out? Follow the same idea in your own backyard pool by keeping a set of quality towels near the pool so you and your guests can get cozy and comfortable whenever you step out for a break.


Serve tropical drinks on the patio

You may not have a bar or lounge by your pool at home, but you can still enjoy the same tasty drinks from your pool and patio at home! Find a family friendly recipe for a tropical smoothie, lemonade or other fun drink. Serve in special glasses with mini umbrellas to replicate the feeling of vacation, without ever having to leave home. Everyone will enjoy the special touch!


Play light music

To truly feel like you’re back at the resort, hook up your phone to an outdoor speaker and enjoy light music throughout the afternoon. Whether you are swimming, sunbathing or just lounging around the pool, you, your family and guests will love the relaxing atmosphere it creates.


Use exotic plants in your landscaping

Many luxury hotels and resorts will have unique, exotic and visually striking plants by the pool. You can get the same look on your own patio—without having to pay a fortune! A large succulent or broadleaf plant are just two ways to accomplish a unique look that sets your backyard landscape apart from the rest. Many of these types of plants are “cleaner” than others, meaning that they produce less litter—so there’s less for you to clean up, and more time for you to lay back and relax. Isn’t that what a resort vacation is all about, anyway?


Invest in outdoor lighting

Finally, no lux pool is complete without functional and stylish outdoor lighting. Use outdoor torches to bring you back to your Hawaiian vacation, for example, or other options like string lights or even glowing in-pool lights that add to the peaceful nighttime atmosphere. These lights don’t just look good—they allow you to keep entertaining and enjoying your pool long into the night.

Are you interested in finding new ways to make your pool feel more luxurious? As you can see, there is no shortage of cost friendly ways to do so. We hope that these ideas can help you transform your home into a luxurious getaway in 2016!

Do you need a little extra work done on your pool? No problem! We can help you design or redesign the perfect pool for your needs and interests. Just give us a call at (877) 574-6030 to see how we can help.

5 Tips for a Luxurious, Resort Style Pool

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