Why We Love In-Pool Waterfalls

Why We Love In-Pool Waterfalls

As we head into the springtime, we’re sure your Orlando pool is going to be seeing a lot more swim time. If you’re looking to add a sense of fun, excitement and (simultaneously) relaxation to your space before the season is in full swing, why not try a brand-new waterfall?

The waterfall is a simple addition—but there’s nothing “simple” about its positive impact on your pool! Below, we’re sharing the reasons why we love this timeless water feature.

A versatile addition

Just like the waterfalls in nature, in-pool waterfalls come in endless shapes, sizes, and styles—so finding one that works with your pool’s design and patio style is easy!

If your pool is rocky, rugged, and filled with a natural oasis feel, a stream of water cascading down the rocks is a perfect addition. Even if you have a more streamlined pool, a modern waterfall can serve as a striking visual feature your family and friends will be sure to notice and enjoy.

Swimming fun

Let’s face it—waterfalls are fun! For kids and adults alike, they give us a chance to cool off, run our hair through the water, and get out of the direct sunlight—if only for a moment. Young swimmers especially will enjoy the chance to play weather reporter and other make-believe games with the “rain” coming down into the pool.

Audible relaxation

You’d be hard-pressed to find something more relaxing than the sight of your own backyard pool—besides, perhaps, the sound of it! Your pool can be as audibly relaxing as it is pleasant to look at with the addition of a waterfall. Its constant, gentle flow creates a peaceful sound that’s sure to calm you down as you lounge around the pool. That sound will prove to be especially helpful in busy areas where you want to cut down on noise from the street or neighbors’ backyards!

The perks of moving water

Moving water is healthy water. While your pool will filter water with or without a waterfall, the addition of that constantly moving water keeps the surface fresh and dynamic whether you’re in the pool or not, so that unwanted materials don’t have a chance to accumulate on the water.

If you’re interested in designing a pool with a waterfall, or adding a waterfall (or other feature) to your current pool, call Extreme Pools today! We’ve got the tools and experience you need to help make a big splash in your pool this spring.

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