Tips to Protect Your Florida Pool This Winter

Tips to Protect Your Florida Pool This Winter

One of the benefits of living in Central Florida is the ability to enjoy your pool year-round. Despite the occasional cold snap, most days are warm and sunny — perfect weather for taking in the great outdoors by your poolside. Still, many pool owners aren’t aware of important steps to ensure proper maintenance and operation. Paying attention to these simple care details keeps your pool in optimum shape for years to come.

Here how to prepare and protect your pool this winter:

Keep Up with Cleaning and Maintenance

Especially when you’ll be using the pool during the colder months, you should continue your regular cleaning routine. That means keeping your filter clean and vacuuming as usual.Contrary to popular belief, Florida does have seasons. Even though the changes are subtle, in the wintertime you’ll notice an increase in leaves and debris, as trees shed their leaves. So, if you won’t be using the pool during the winter months, it’s important to make regular cleaning a priority. Debris left in pools creates algae that can stain the liner. In terms of maintenance, make a point to empty debris traps every week, to prevent clogging the filtration system.

Monitor Water Levels and Balance Chemicals

As with other seasons, water evaporation is normal and to be expected. This becomes especially important in the winter months. However, due to decreased rainfall and lower humidity, your pool’s water level can drop two inches each week! As water evaporates, your pool skimmer is subject to increased air, which can lead to problems with the pool’s system, including the possibility of pump motor burnout. Weekly monitoring keeps water levels in check and helps prevent costly repairs.

In terms of chemicals, you’ll need to find the right balance to prevent algae. Changing temperatures and unpredictable winter weather patterns create ideal conditions for algae. Prevent against this by adjusting the chlorine levels. Make sure to keep the water circulating by running your circulation pump each day.

Consider a Pool Heater and/or Pool Cover

Especially if you plan to use the pool during the winter months, a pool heater is a sound investment. Doing so helps extend the season, and allows you to enjoy your pool in comfort year-round. There are many types of heaters available — from electric to gas to solar to heat pumps. Talk with your local pool professionals to find the right option for you. If you won’t be using the pool for a few months or will be using it less frequently than in the summer, it’s a good idea to consider a pool cover. This reduces the necessity for cleaning, as well as chemical and filtering monitoring and maintenance.

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