Orlando Custom Pools: To Save or to Splurge?

Orlando Custom Pools: To Save or to Splurge?

Let your pool be fun, relaxing, beautiful, unique… anything but costly!

Your pool is one of the most meaningful investments you’ll ever make, and you naturally want to help that investment go as far as possible. Fortunately, it can be done. The secret? Knowing when to save, and when to splurge on long-lasting touches.

We’ll show you how in today’s blog! Just take a look below.

Save on: Pool toys

One of the easiest ways to save is on your standard pool toys. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when the “classics” like water guns, plastic diving toys, and balls for water catch come so cheap. You probably already have lots of these items in store from summers’ past! And that isn’t even to mention the fun you can have with no extra gear at all—the laps, cannonball contests, and underwater flips.

Splurge on: A statement float

One area of pool fun you might want to splurge on? A big, bold, statement float. Whether it’s a jumbo-size flamingo or floating unicorn, these picks are visually interesting and provide hours of fun in the water due to their novelty and “wow” factor.

Save on: Party decorations

It’s easy to decorate your pool with cost-effectiveness in mind. Keep things simple with decorations that are as fun to make as they are to look at. Old pool noodles, for example, can be cut crosswise into smaller pieces, then hollowed out to hold tiny battery-powered tealights. You can set it on or near the water for a fun decorative flourish that costs you next to nothing.

Splurge on: Lounge chairs

The right lounge chair can invite you outdoors, creating an ultra-comfy spot perfect for sunbathing, socializing, or catching up on your current novel. Splurge on a piece that lets you do all that and withstands many summers’ worth of sun exposure, rain, and everyday use.

Save on: Sunscreen

Do you find yourself going through bottle after bottle of sunscreen? That’s a good thing—it means you’re used to lathering up! But of course, such a healthy habit can feel a bit expensive at times. Fortunately, there are ways to save. For example, opting for simpler sunscreen varieties (versus those made for babies, sports, and other special uses) can help you get equally great protection for less. SPF is also a potential cost-determinant. Don’t feel the need to spring for a lotion that boasts an SPF of 100 when a less expensive SPF 50 will do just as well—seriously! Research has found that the difference in strength between the two could be as little as a percentage point… not quite enough to warrant a costlier product.

Splurge on: Soft towels

The last item on our list of “splurges” is, perhaps surprisingly, towels. While they may seem like more of an afterthought for many, a soft, quality towel can make all the difference when it comes to drying off after a day in the water. It just feels better… like you’re at a resort, and not just your backyard! Also, don’t be afraid to pick out oversized towels that are made for lounge chairs and easier-than-ever drying off.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy a pool experience that’s as cost-effective as it is fun!

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