4 Geometric-Inspired Pool Décor Ideas

4 Geometric-Inspired Pool Décor Ideas

If you just can’t get enough of sleek lines, angles and other striking shapes, you may be someone with an eye for geometric design. Fortunately, there are many ways you can add this unique modern style to your own backyard pool. In today’s blog, we will be looking at four ways to do just that.

Start with a unique pool shape

For lovers of cutting edge geometric design, the best pool shape is one that stands out from the rest—in this case, in its unique shape. While you can make a bold statement with just about any kind of pool, it helps if you start with a special one from the start—anything from a perfect circle to a square to a long, narrow rectangle. These shapes stand out from other pools thanks to their unique ability to catch the eye of friends, neighbors and just about everyone who visits.

Add sleek, striking rain walls and other structures

To add visual, geometric interest to the space surrounding your pool, think about including structures such as rain walls or sheer-descent waterfalls. These will direct the eye upward and add to the modern, streamlined look of your pool.

Put unique functional pieces into your pool

Don’t forget about additions to the pool itself! You can add unique, functional pieces such as square-shaped planters to the water, or even a visually striking basin that spills water into your pool.

Offset harsh lines with more rounded features

Once you’ve established a pool and patio space characterized by sharp angles and harsh edges, turn to another aspect of geometric design—roundedness—to offset the effect. You can do so by adding a circular planter or curved hedges to the outside of your pool. And, finally, you can toss in a few of your favorite tube-shaped pool floats to create a completely balanced effect.

We hope that today’s blog has inspired you to pursue one-of-a-kind designs and décor in and around your pool. If you’re interested in beginning a new pool design or redesign project, let us know today! We’re happy to help, and have the skills and design expertise to deliver you the pool of your dreams.

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