Go Back to School with Extreme Pools

Go Back to School with Extreme Pools

It may be back-to-school season, but don’t put away the sunscreen and swimsuits just yet! As it turns out, there are many great ways for families to benefit from quality pool time long after summer ends.

Just read on to see a few of our favorite ideas!

Learn in a new environment

When it comes to learning, the right environment can make all the difference! After sitting in a desk for most of the day, your child might enjoy learning in a new locale—like, for example, your backyard pool! Kids can wade around as they practice their spelling, or lounge on a wet shelf as they get lost in a good book. Whatever the case may be, the combination of pristine water and lush surroundings is sure to inspire. (After all, Florida’s one-of-a-kind environment is too beautiful to save for summer alone!)

Try a game of “trivia toothpaste”

Pool games are a great way to enjoy the pool all year-round, and during back-to-school season, they can even serve the practical purpose of soaking in new information!

Take the game “toothpaste,” for example. In this game, one player who is “it” stands on one side of the pool, while the other players gather on the opposite side. A category is chosen (for educational purposes, try themes like “US presidents” or “European countries”), and each of the gathered players chooses an example from the category without telling the player who’s it. Then, the “it” player stands outside of the pool and lists off examples from the category. If an example they say matches one that a player chose (for example, “Abraham Lincoln” or “Denmark,”) then the two players will race each other to the opposite ends of the pool. Whoever gets there first yells “toothpaste!” and wins that round. To the kids, it’s just another game—but you know that it’s helping fortify important facts that will stick with them for the next text and beyond.

Study the elements

The outdoor environment also provides plenty of opportunities for kids to study the elements—like a hands-on science class! They can float around and learn about clouds, for example, or observe birds in the sky, or think about the different states of H2O (solid, liquid and gas)!

Relieve stress with an afternoon swim

School can be stressful at times, and an afternoon swim can help kids and adults alike to unwind and enjoy their surroundings in a peaceful way.

Enjoy a poolside family dinner

Another key way to beat stress, and exceed academically? Enjoying family dinner! Bring your dinner poolside to enjoy the benefits of family meal-time, such as improved academic performance and self-esteem for students.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy your pool to the fullest, this back-to-school season and all year long! If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool, call Extreme Pools today. We can help design your dream swim space or improve upon your current one—when it comes to Central Florida pools, we do it all!

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